Dr. Zane Zelsman graduated from University of Western Ontario and has been practicing Dentistry for 40 years. He opened his dental practice in 1980, and was honoured to pass the business onto the next generation when his son, Dr. David Zelsman, took over the in 2018.

Dr. Zane Zelsman retired from Dentistry as of March 2020. He has been enjoying retirement at the cottage or in Florida. He is thankful to have been your dentist for all of these years, and is confident that David will carry on the tradition of excellent, caring, and compassionate dentistry that he has strived to provide and you have come to expect.


David always dreamed of becoming a dentist - just like both of his parents, Dr. Zane Zelsman and Dr. Shelli Karp. This dream became a reality when he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Toronto. There he was granted a multitude of awards that demonstrate his strong clinical skills and personalized attention to exceptional care of his patients. These included awards in Pediatrics, Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge, as well as Comprehensive Patient Care.

In David’s spare time, he enjoys working on cars, playing hockey, and spending quality time with family and friends. He has a strong interest in progressing his knowledge, which is apparent by his dedication to taking advanced, hands on, continuing education courses.

David has been fortunate to have many years of mentorship by Dr. Zane Zelsman and Dr. Shelli Karp. He has spent countless hours, discussing all aspects of dentistry. He strongly values everything he learned from them both, and plans to continue to practice dentistry with their core values at heart.