Comprehensive Dental Services

At our office we offer comprehensive dental services in a comfortable environment. We strive to provide high quality dental treatment, while offering multiple treatment options that are personalized to your needs and budget. We follow the Ontario Dental Association fee guide, as well as direct bill insurance companies, limiting the amount you pay out of pocket.

Preventive Hygiene

Our preventive hygiene treatment includes teeth cleaning, removal of tartar and plaque build up, oral cancer screening, and assessment of gum health.We then discuss and recommend treatment options as needed.

Digital X-Rays

We use digital X-Ray Sensors, which are faster and more efficient, and expose less radiation than analog X-Rays. We are able to instantly show you the X-Rays on a TV screen, and discuss the findings together.

Intraoral 3D Scanner

Our Intraoral 3D Scanner allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth instead of using the tray and putty impressions. These records are highly accurate and significantly more comfortable for patients.

Composite Fillings

We restore cavities with high end composite filling materials including SonicFill. SonicFill works by vibrating the filling material, making it more flowable as it enters the cavity preparation, ensuring a tight seal.


Dental crowns are commonly offered as a protective ‘cap’ for teeth that are broken down, have large fillings, or are root canal treated. We often use esthetic Zirconia and EMax crowns which look like natural teeth, leaving you feeling confident in your smile.

Bridges and Implant Restoration

Whether you have been missing a tooth many years, or recently lost a tooth, we offer fixed (non-removable) solutions for replacement. We have models and photos to help you decide which treatment option is best for you.


Dentures are a cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth. We offer multiple types of partial dentures, as well as complete dentures to suit your needs and budget. Dentures can be worn all day long, and improve eating ability, however are removed at night.


We offer custom 3D printed nightguards as a solution for bruxism - a term used to describe the grinding and clenching of teeth which often happens during sleep. Nightguards prevent excessive wear of teeth as well as relax the jaw muscles.